What is Kintsugi?


In India, keeping broken crockery is a bad luck open and sometimes just a hazard from a common sense perspective. My mum never let me glue anything breakable back together for this reason.


In japan It’s a completely different story. Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, which means “golden repair”) is the centuries-oldart of fixing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The concept is that things that a broken should not just be disguared as it’s the unique nature of the fractures that can actually make them beautiful when they are taken care of and healed. A great perspective to take on the human condition too, don’t you think?


Edible balloons are a thing?


Fact #10 : The first rubber balloon was made in 1824

If you’ve seen people on Instagram smooshing their faces to balloons, you’ll know edible balloons are a thing. Located on the Ground Floor of the galleries Victoria, in Sydney, the balloon bar is now serving strawberry, coconut, orange and passion fruit flavors tied adorably to Black Star Pastry‘s Ginger Ninga.


[image from timeout.com]

Top 5 soft serves to try


Fact #7: soft serve is a smooth semisolid ice cream that contains less milk fat than regular ice cream and is made in and dispensed from a freezer in which it is aerated and continuously churned.

It’s time for soft serves to come out from the shadow of mcflurries and into the light. Here are our top 5 world picks from left to right.

Honey Creme: Soft serve in a cup with delectable flavors like honey or avocado matcha spiraling into a delicious cup of yum top with popcorn or churros? Yes please! Now open in Sydney and Perth Australia.

Rui Milk: Have you ever thought “you know what this soft serve is missing? Fairy floss in the shape of a panda” and “do you know what this iced tea is missing? Colour changing butterfly tea with light up icecubes!” If you felt like I was reading your mind right then, get yourself to Rui Milk in NYC and get your fix

Soft serve society: You’ve seen those black soft serves that look a little like the poop emoji right? Fun names, flavours and topics, what more could you want…a cure for lactose intolerant perhaps. London, get into it!

soft serve.jpg

Taiyaki: We’re back in New York and this time, instead of a cone or cup, we have a tasty waffle like Japanese fish shaped cake cone topped with delicious soft serve. Need more motivation? The have a unicorn taiyaki, complete with ears and horn, to fulfill all your mythical creature consuming needs.

Cremia: is a truly Japanese way of handling dessert. Soft, delicate and clothed in a thin non distracting cone, cremia does not have the bells and whistles of the other options but isn’t diversity the spice of life?



Fact #6: The word cheer comes from the Anglo-Norman chere (face) which is actually a transliteration of the Greek cara (head)

Gift giving is a delight until you have no idea what to buy. Fortunately I go through favorite “things” Oprah style and my current obsession is rad matching tees for siblings. In that department , Cheerily.co have you covered. They’re all out of “enough rolls to open a bakery” but other faves include “poppin bottles” and the “original gangsta” and “remix” combo tees.

cheerily 2cheerily 1

Lorna Diwa built Australian company cheerily and runs it our of New York. Her clear flair for slogan tees is undeniable and fortunately they come in singles, combos, milestone cards and custom (great for those those friends who selected weird baby names like  kale and kombucha) !



Space Art Travel Bureau


Fact #5: If any planets are in the sky at the time of a total solar eclipse, they can be seen as points of light

It’s Solar eclipse time in America, a fact I learnt by hearing audio of complete wonder during a podcast. Suffice to say I am completely jealous but if you are a space nerd like me, perhaps you can live vicariously through these beautifully designed posters by Dr. Tyler Nordgren: Artist – Astronomer – Night Sky Ambassador. I wish that was on my business card!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The posters designed by NASA show spots in America which got the best view of the eclipse. Isn’t it nice when beautiful design informs or answers questions? You can spot more of his work here.

Kickstaring humanscale


Fact #4: “Humanscale is a masterfully crafted quick-reference guide for designing objects, interactions, and environments for humans”

Have you ever made dinner and noticed that the fridge was unusually far away from the bench, stove or sink? There are considerations of proportion and design that go into the planning and creation of you favourite spaces and furniture, like an invisible mapping of our body proportions.


After being  published by design firm Henry Dreyfuss Associates between 1974 and 1981, these three part rotating discs of mapping have been forgotten for decades and now there’s a push to bring it back, to the rejoicing of our spines, and you can be a part of it here.

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Little Rooms


Fact #1 : ” In 2002, it was estimated that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all plant and animal species of life on Earth will be extinct in 100 years.”

Little rooms certainly hold big things. For now I’ll ignore the fact there is a voluntary human extinction movement because who needs that kind of “Debbie downer” in their life, and focus on the amazing pieces of jewelry Little rooms produce. From chic earrings, to signet rings and all things UFO, their jewelry is (I’m going to say it) out of this world. We must have one…. each preferably, time share jewelry is not going to work out.




Mischelin star cup noodels


Fact #2 : There is a cup noodle in Japan technically considered “a very food restaurant in it’s category” as it has it’s own Mischelin star.

Cup noodles are a student staple and rightly so. They are cheap, easy to make, and typically hold the minimal nutritional value required to sustain life. K-dramas make them seem like a pretty tasty option too but Nakiryu dandan noodles takes it to the next level.

They retail for about 200 yen (AU$2.30) and here is where the good news ends. Sold in Japan, the next time your friend says “I’m going to Japan, want anything?”, you know what the answer has to be!

5 Insta famous people you might not be following but should


Fact #3 : Insta-famous is a term coined as early as 2012 to describe ”influencers on instagram”  , Urban dictionary considers them ”usually a pretty girl who posts a thousand pictures of her face or whatever food she’s eating. May include pictures of other people’s food”, though this is no longer completely accurate.


@sarahisinlovewith: “quirky style blogger and pink haired flamingo queen”. That’s a pretty accurate statement from her fairy floss pink hair to her pom pom tipped feet. She’s a blogger and her fun aesthetic is visible in every shot.


@afashionnerd: “Wes Anderson inspired style”. This self professed fashion nerd manages chic and crazy colourful all in one bound. I don’t know how she finds all the amazing things she does in LA but her account certainly convinces me I can pare back and still have fun.


@mstr_of_disguise: Ann-Marie Hoang is a wardrobe stylist with a cute tiny tot in tow and a bit of an aspirational follow. Her effortless cool is next level but definitely not intrinsic or sustainable for everyone. However it is fun to know you can wear cowboy hats, septum rings, crazy shades, chic coats and ikea bags if your heart so desires.


@dianarikasari: Diana is a mother, author, designer, owner, blogger and curator of a very cool personal wardrobe. It makes me tired just thinking about it but she’s been blogging for a long time and is open about the challenges she faces.  On the day to day you can see her cool outfit, fun spaces and adorable munchkins.


@snitchery: “draco malfoy in a matte lip” is a bit of an indicator of this mythical persona creating make up queen. Her looks are edited and stylized so not the sort of get up you might casually master to go to the shops but the results are awe inspiring.