Another Miyazaki film?

Miyazaki is best known for the hyper-fantastic anime world’s he created in Howl’s moving castle or Spirited away and now for joining the “‘John Farnham club” of retiring and then returning for one last hurrah.

3 people bringing embroidery back

We might know it as something gran does but embroidery has always been helt close to my kitchy heart and when there is amazing work out there killing it, I need no nostalgic excuses to embroidery crush of these 3 artists:

Little Rooms

Fact #1 : ” In 2002, it was estimated that if current rates of human destruction of the biosphere continue, one-half of all plant and animal species of life on Earth will be extinct in 100 years.” Little rooms certainly hold big things. For now I’ll ignore the fact there is a voluntary human extinction movement…

Mischelin star cup noodels

Fact #2 : There is a cup noodle in Japan technically considered “a very food restaurant in it’s category” as it has it’s own Mischelin star. Cup noodles are a student staple and rightly so. They are cheap, easy to make, and typically hold the minimal nutritional value required to sustain life. K-dramas make them…

5 Insta famous people you might not be following but should

Fact #3 : Insta-famous is a term coined as early as 2012 to describe ”influencers on instagram”  , Urban dictionary considers them ”usually a pretty girl who posts a thousand pictures of her face or whatever food she’s eating. May include pictures of other people’s food”, though this is no longer completely accurate. @sarahisinlovewith: “quirky style…