Fact #6: The word cheer comes from the Anglo-Norman chere (face) which is actually a transliteration of the Greek cara (head)

Gift giving is a delight until you have no idea what to buy. Fortunately I go through favorite “things” Oprah style and my current obsession is rad matching tees for siblings. In that department , have you covered. They’re all out of “enough rolls to open a bakery” but other faves include “poppin bottles” and the “original gangsta” and “remix” combo tees.

cheerily 2cheerily 1

Lorna Diwa built Australian company cheerily and runs it our of New York. Her clear flair for slogan tees is undeniable and fortunately they come in singles, combos, milestone cards and custom (great for those those friends who selected weird baby names like  kale and kombucha) !