4 gifts a feminist sparkle & space enthusiast

If loving home wares is the sign of old age, sign me up for that sweet granny lifestyle because I want all this prettiness heading my way. 1. PIRDY. Bowl Pair $50 These resin glitter bowls are so pretty and if you want to take it with you, they make some killer earrings too. 2….

Another Miyazaki film?

Miyazaki is best known for the hyper-fantastic anime world’s he created in Howl’s moving castle or Spirited away and now for joining the “‘John Farnham club” of retiring and then returning for one last hurrah.

What is Kintsugi?

In India, keeping broken crockery is a bad luck open and sometimes just a hazard from a common sense perspective. In japan It’s a completely different story.

Magical ceramics that aren’t mass produced

Kate Marks of silver lining ceramics, with her Vanessa Amorosi vibes, creates amazing iridescent golden ceramic mugs, ice cream crystal sculptures, bowls, enamel pins and a myriad of other things to make your heart flutter.

3 people bringing embroidery back

We might know it as something gran does but embroidery has always been helt close to my kitchy heart and when there is amazing work out there killing it, I need no nostalgic excuses to embroidery crush of these 3 artists:

Space Art Travel Bureau

Fact #5: If any planets are in the sky at the time of a total solar eclipse, they can be seen as points of light It’s Solar eclipse time in America, a fact I learnt by hearing audio of complete wonder during a podcast. Suffice to say I am completely jealous but if you are a…

Kickstaring humanscale

Fact #4: “Humanscale is a masterfully crafted quick-reference guide for designing objects, interactions, and environments for humans” Have you ever made dinner and noticed that the fridge was unusually far away from the bench, stove or sink? There are considerations of proportion and design that go into the planning and creation of you favourite spaces…