4 gifts a feminist sparkle & space enthusiast

If loving home wares is the sign of old age, sign me up for that sweet granny lifestyle because I want all this prettiness heading my way. 1. PIRDY. Bowl Pair $50 These resin glitter bowls are so pretty and if you want to take it with you, they make some killer earrings too. 2. Emily McDowell. Patriarchy refill mug USD $18. This mug fills … Continue reading 4 gifts a feminist sparkle & space enthusiast

Kickstaring humanscale

Fact #4: “Humanscale is a masterfully crafted quick-reference guide for designing objects, interactions, and environments for humans” Have you ever made dinner and noticed that the fridge was unusually far away from the bench, stove or sink? There are considerations of proportion and design that go into the planning and creation of you favourite spaces and furniture, like an invisible mapping of our body proportions. … Continue reading Kickstaring humanscale