Pokemon makeup


Fact #11: “Taking over Japan. The first Pokémon game was released in 1995” -wikipedia,  do you feel old yet?

This is not make up for Pokemon, sorry for misleading you, but if you have fallen into the magical range of Korean beauty products, you won’t mind so much. Tony Moly, known for their sheet masks and cute fruit shaped lip pots have released a Pokemon collection in time for the holidays and the packaging is just killing me!

Who doesn’t want Pikachu liptint or mascara, bulbasaur foam cleanser, charmander sheet mask, jigglypuff peach compact or a Psyduck cheese firming cream (ok that one does sound very strange)? You can also get hand cream, blush or something called mini cover chusion, many in multiple character options. Available in NYC or online, for the hard to buy video gamer friend in your life.