Tassels & Pompoms by Rachel Burke


Rachel Burke is a multi-talented Brisbane based mixed media artist with a glue-gun and a dream. I first noticed her fluffy creations on Instagram and have since fallen in love with her apomogies and tasseled jackets.


Her fashion, art and doggies Daphne and Daisy make me happy and unless you are a minimalist, you’ll enjoy the uploads of water bottles, sunglasses and lovely legs covered in sparkly bits and pieces. Never have I wanted to buy bedazzled grocery items before I saw The Magical Mundane. I suggest you start with Instagram and follow the breadcrumb trail to her many site and adventures.

Screen-Shot-2017-08-07-at-10.19.49-AM (1)


What is Kintsugi?


In India, keeping broken crockery is a bad luck open and sometimes just a hazard from a common sense perspective. My mum never let me glue anything breakable back together for this reason.


In japan It’s a completely different story. Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, which means “golden repair”) is the centuries-oldart of fixing broken pottery with a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The concept is that things that a broken should not just be disguared as it’s the unique nature of the fractures that can actually make them beautiful when they are taken care of and healed. A great perspective to take on the human condition too, don’t you think?


GOLDENTIME by Zimmermann


Sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMANN founded their namesake brand in Sydney, Australia in 1991.

Is anyone else dieing from the latest Zimmermann collection or is it just me? I’m not a massive fan of runway rundowns but sometimes videos speak a million words, sometime in a more enjoyable format, so enjoy.

Pokemon makeup


Fact #11: “Taking over Japan. The first Pokémon game was released in 1995” -wikipedia,  do you feel old yet?

This is not make up for Pokemon, sorry for misleading you, but if you have fallen into the magical range of Korean beauty products, you won’t mind so much. Tony Moly, known for their sheet masks and cute fruit shaped lip pots have released a Pokemon collection in time for the holidays and the packaging is just killing me!

Who doesn’t want Pikachu liptint or mascara, bulbasaur foam cleanser, charmander sheet mask, jigglypuff peach compact or a Psyduck cheese firming cream (ok that one does sound very strange)? You can also get hand cream, blush or something called mini cover chusion, many in multiple character options. Available in NYC or online, for the hard to buy video gamer friend in your life.


Edible balloons are a thing?


Fact #10 : The first rubber balloon was made in 1824

If you’ve seen people on Instagram smooshing their faces to balloons, you’ll know edible balloons are a thing. Located on the Ground Floor of the galleries Victoria, in Sydney, the balloon bar is now serving strawberry, coconut, orange and passion fruit flavors tied adorably to Black Star Pastry‘s Ginger Ninga.


[image from timeout.com]

Magical ceramics that aren’t mass produced


Fact #9 : “Vanessa Joy Amorosi (born 8 August 1981) is an Australian singer-songwriter and recording artist” – Wikipedia

We’ve all seen the mermaid and unicorn trend take hold as people try and fashion giant horns out of their multicolored hair and apply themselves with glitter in lieu of clothing. I love me some mythical beasts but it’s all getting a little to extra, especially with mass production. Any who has walked into their friends house and thought it reminded them of an IKEA catalog will know what I’m talking about.

Kate Marks of silver lining ceramics, with her Vanessa Amorosi vibes, creates amazing iridescent golden ceramic mugs, ice cream crystal sculptures, bowls, enamel pins and a myriad of other things to make your heart flutter. Her items are usually done in runs and as she’s Seattle based, you can get them in person, stalk her Instagram and pounce on Etsy or commission something.


3 people bringing embroidery back


Fact #8: The earliest example of embroidery was found in China from the 5th -3rd century AD.

We might know it as something gran does but embroidery has always been close to my kitschy heart and when there is amazing work out there killing it, I need no nostalgic excuses to embroidery crush on these 3 artists:

Sarah K Benning: I don’t know how she so convincingly embroiders plants and scenes, I just know I want a piece of it on my wall. He website stocks patterns, patches and wall pieces so you can be as involved in the creation as you like.

Tessa Perlow: From the botanical to the rad and details, Sarah covers a vast style spectrum and a price spectrum to match. You’ll find her work on Etsy or worn of clothing she up-cycles.

Sophie King : has a bad ass social cause vibe about her work and we love it though some of her subject matter is more for grown ups. Patches, pins, prints and clothing with her signature slogan can be found in her shop. Her sequin pieces are pretty amazing too


Top 5 soft serves to try


Fact #7: soft serve is a smooth semisolid ice cream that contains less milk fat than regular ice cream and is made in and dispensed from a freezer in which it is aerated and continuously churned.

It’s time for soft serves to come out from the shadow of mcflurries and into the light. Here are our top 5 world picks from left to right.

Honey Creme: Soft serve in a cup with delectable flavors like honey or avocado matcha spiraling into a delicious cup of yum top with popcorn or churros? Yes please! Now open in Sydney and Perth Australia.

Rui Milk: Have you ever thought “you know what this soft serve is missing? Fairy floss in the shape of a panda” and “do you know what this iced tea is missing? Colour changing butterfly tea with light up icecubes!” If you felt like I was reading your mind right then, get yourself to Rui Milk in NYC and get your fix

Soft serve society: You’ve seen those black soft serves that look a little like the poop emoji right? Fun names, flavours and topics, what more could you want…a cure for lactose intolerant perhaps. London, get into it!

soft serve.jpg

Taiyaki: We’re back in New York and this time, instead of a cone or cup, we have a tasty waffle like Japanese fish shaped cake cone topped with delicious soft serve. Need more motivation? The have a unicorn taiyaki, complete with ears and horn, to fulfill all your mythical creature consuming needs.

Cremia: is a truly Japanese way of handling dessert. Soft, delicate and clothed in a thin non distracting cone, cremia does not have the bells and whistles of the other options but isn’t diversity the spice of life?



Fact #6: The word cheer comes from the Anglo-Norman chere (face) which is actually a transliteration of the Greek cara (head)

Gift giving is a delight until you have no idea what to buy. Fortunately I go through favorite “things” Oprah style and my current obsession is rad matching tees for siblings. In that department , Cheerily.co have you covered. They’re all out of “enough rolls to open a bakery” but other faves include “poppin bottles” and the “original gangsta” and “remix” combo tees.

cheerily 2cheerily 1

Lorna Diwa built Australian company cheerily and runs it our of New York. Her clear flair for slogan tees is undeniable and fortunately they come in singles, combos, milestone cards and custom (great for those those friends who selected weird baby names like  kale and kombucha) !



Space Art Travel Bureau


Fact #5: If any planets are in the sky at the time of a total solar eclipse, they can be seen as points of light

It’s Solar eclipse time in America, a fact I learnt by hearing audio of complete wonder during a podcast. Suffice to say I am completely jealous but if you are a space nerd like me, perhaps you can live vicariously through these beautifully designed posters by Dr. Tyler Nordgren: Artist – Astronomer – Night Sky Ambassador. I wish that was on my business card!

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The posters designed by NASA show spots in America which got the best view of the eclipse. Isn’t it nice when beautiful design informs or answers questions? You can spot more of his work here.