4 gifts a feminist sparkle & space enthusiast

If loving home wares is the sign of old age, sign me up for that sweet granny lifestyle because I want all this prettiness heading my way.

1. PIRDY. Bowl Pair $50 These resin glitter bowls are so pretty and if you want to take it with you, they make some killer earrings too.

2. Emily McDowell. Patriarchy refill mug USD $18. This mug fills you with coffee and sass but that’s not all. McDowell empathy and greeting cards are perfect for when there is nothing perfect to say.

3. Sky Maps. $59 Because I don’t map out my relationships but knowing what the night sky was like when I danced all night with my soulmate as a wife for the first time or gave birth to my children…that’s something I would happily hang on a wall. You can celebrate any achievement with stars.

4. West Elm. Constellation salad plates $12.80. Sure I’d probably stack it somewhere visible and stare at it longingly but if you buy this for me, I promise to make the effort of pretending that I’ll someday serve you salad in it.



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