Why Fenty Beauty is a big deal

Fact #12 : Fenty Beauty is more than the 40 shades of foundation you hear talked about. You can also purchase primer, skin sticks in matte and shimmer, highlighters, blotting powder, blotting paper and a universal lip gloss bomb


When actors and singers dabble into anything beyond fragrance, people tend to be dubious and I’m sure there are people who just don’t get the hype.

For my year 10 formal, I thought I’d be a fancy grown up and purchase my first bit of make up. After trawling the local stores with no luck finding my shade of foundation, I had to venture into town and even there I was repeatedly told “sorry we don’t stock your colour, there’s no demand for it”. One poor girl almost wept from feeling bad about it. Finally there’s an option out there not only providing different levels of darkness in foundation, but with different undertones. I have a warm undertone and was lighter than the darkest shade with ash undertones that was a popular end point in most cosmetics lines. No one knew what to do with me so they’d slap on some ‘cappuccino’ and hope for the best while I looked defeated and deflated at most of my initial fancy fares.


Lots of $$ later and I was able to get something from MAC or Bobbi Brown, one of the few albeit pricey cosmetics brands with warm tones anywhere near mine. It shouldn’t be this hard to be represented. Nude is not just that peachy colour steadler colour pencils come in and it’s not about lack of demand. How many people continuously ask for something they know doesn’t exist? Time to start shopping for Fenty Beauty at Sephora.

Edit: I tried the range. Love the foundation though I am slightly between colours. The killawatt highlighter was insane but not for daily use in my humble opinion. Trophy wife still killing me softly. Did buy the matchstix in the magnetic combo pictured above. A bit lighter wear than expected but so easy to apply and blend.



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  1. I love this line it looks so cool! I have yet to get my hands on the foundation because it’s sold out at my sephora but it looks incredible!!

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    1. Oh No! Our local is stocked really well. I definitely recommend you try before you buy and bear in mind the foundation oxidises so pick 1-2 shades lighter than you would normally and go from there

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