3 people bringing embroidery back


Fact #8: The earliest example of embroidery was found in China from the 5th -3rd century AD.

We might know it as something gran does but embroidery has always been close to my kitschy heart and when there is amazing work out there killing it, I need no nostalgic excuses to embroidery crush on these 3 artists:

Sarah K Benning: I don’t know how she so convincingly embroiders plants and scenes, I just know I want a piece of it on my wall. He website stocks patterns, patches and wall pieces so you can be as involved in the creation as you like.

Tessa Perlow: From the botanical to the rad and details, Sarah covers a vast style spectrum and a price spectrum to match. You’ll find her work on Etsy or worn of clothing she up-cycles.

Sophie King : has a bad ass social cause vibe about her work and we love it though some of her subject matter is more for grown ups. Patches, pins, prints and clothing with her signature slogan can be found in her shop. Her sequin pieces are pretty amazing too


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