Top 5 soft serves to try


Fact #7: soft serve is a smooth semisolid ice cream that contains less milk fat than regular ice cream and is made in and dispensed from a freezer in which it is aerated and continuously churned.

It’s time for soft serves to come out from the shadow of mcflurries and into the light. Here are our top 5 world picks from left to right.

Honey Creme: Soft serve in a cup with delectable flavors like honey or avocado matcha spiraling into a delicious cup of yum top with popcorn or churros? Yes please! Now open in Sydney and Perth Australia.

Rui Milk: Have you ever thought “you know what this soft serve is missing? Fairy floss in the shape of a panda” and “do you know what this iced tea is missing? Colour changing butterfly tea with light up icecubes!” If you felt like I was reading your mind right then, get yourself to Rui Milk in NYC and get your fix

Soft serve society: You’ve seen those black soft serves that look a little like the poop emoji right? Fun names, flavours and topics, what more could you want…a cure for lactose intolerant perhaps. London, get into it!

soft serve.jpg

Taiyaki: We’re back in New York and this time, instead of a cone or cup, we have a tasty waffle like Japanese fish shaped cake cone topped with delicious soft serve. Need more motivation? The have a unicorn taiyaki, complete with ears and horn, to fulfill all your mythical creature consuming needs.

Cremia: is a truly Japanese way of handling dessert. Soft, delicate and clothed in a thin non distracting cone, cremia does not have the bells and whistles of the other options but isn’t diversity the spice of life?

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