She’s alive

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to. To be honest life has been mental and I’ve lost the brain cells to wax lyrical. That being says I’m a chronic procrastinator so perhaps I stay true to the concept of this blog and return with mini…

4 gifts a feminist sparkle & space enthusiast

If loving home wares is the sign of old age, sign me up for that sweet granny lifestyle because I want all this prettiness heading my way. 1. PIRDY. Bowl Pair $50 These resin glitter bowls are so pretty and if you want to take it with you, they make some killer earrings too. 2….

Another Miyazaki film?

Miyazaki is best known for the hyper-fantastic anime world’s he created in Howl’s moving castle or Spirited away and now for joining the “‘John Farnham club” of retiring and then returning for one last hurrah.

What is Kintsugi?

In India, keeping broken crockery is a bad luck open and sometimes just a hazard from a common sense perspective. In japan It’s a completely different story.

Gelato Fiasco

Peanut butter gelato with salter chocolate pretzels, maple bacon, chocolate mint ….

Why Fenty Beauty is a big deal

It shouldn’t be this hard to be represented. Nude is not just that peachy colour steadler colour pencils come in and it’s not about lack of demand. How many people continuously ask for something they know doesn’t exist? Time to start shopping for Fenty Beauty at Sephora.

Pokemon makeup

This is not make up for Pokemon, sorry for misleading you, but if you have fallen into the magical range of Korean beauty products, you won’t mind so much.

Edible balloons are a thing?

If you’ve seen people on Instagram smooshing their faces to balloons, you’ll know edible balloons are a thing.